The Polite Irish

The Irish are inherently awkward and embarrassingly polite. Preoccupied with social acceptance, we are willing to risk almost anything in order to avoid ‘being a bit of a nuisance’ – God forbid!

Here is a ditty playing on this theme.



World Brain Day

Yesterday was World Brain Day. A lot of people with brain disorders and brain injury live under an invisible cloak of darkness and pain; their anguish hushed and their experience ignored.

Below is a ditty for those suffering and their allies.



Blowing Raspberries


Mama and Dada were busy blowing berries on Bernard’s belly,
And when it came to my turn, I was told to whisht and watch the telly.

And this, it seems, was routine since Baby Bernard had come home
So I snuck out to the garden to blow some berries of my own.

Now it didn’t tickle quite as much as I remembered, or as I wished
But boy did I give quite a laugh as the bunch of berries squished!

And soon the oozing berry juice had spread across my tummy,
And as I blew the deep pink hue, I heard a shriek from Mummy.

As Mam and Dad ran to my side, Dad slowly stopped his weeping,
And now we’re laughing on the grass, blowing berries as Baby Bernard’s sleeping.


Fix the leak

Sometimes people don’t hear or chose not to listen . Sometimes it is hard to remain patient. Sometimes we should not remain patient perhaps.

It can be easy to spot a leak and walk on by; to chose to ignore the leak or pretend it isn’t there. How often leaks are self-correcting?  Next time you see a leak, say it! And say it again. Gather a group and say it to them. And tell them to say it. And then together fix that leaking pipe.


Ní neart go cur le chéile!




Developing our own independent thoughts is an important and exciting part in our formation as individuals. It is a key step in the growth into adulthood. The expression of a personal opinion can be equally fearful and powerful. While it can be important to develop and trust a strong set of values and morals that inform your decisions, it is necessary to recognise the need of flexibility; to question, doubt, listen, hear and to consider alternate views. My interaction with others stands on a bridge of empathy ; I may not always sympathise with their cause but will endeavour to understand, at least, the source of their opinion and why it ripples so.

Today’s ditty springs from this well of thoughts – let your thoughts be stimulating but not stationary !



The Colours In Between

There have been many heart-felt tributes shared today upon the passing of David Bowie. A mutli-faceted, creatively-driven man who will leave behind him a lasting legacy and a well of inspiration for many. The areas of admiration for this star could field a galaxy, but for me, Bowie sparkled in ‘finding the colours inbetween’ ; the beauty hidden between the beauty, the beauty forgotten in the banal, the beauty clouded by the dark and the dust.

This ditty below, I wrote a few months previous but it resonated with me today upon the death of this icon.