Happiness is a summer swim

Happiness is a summer swim
In the green isle’s icy seas
A rush to free milk bottle bodies
When it piques 19 degrees.
Tentatively, I hold the rusty rail
Oh no! It’s almost at my waist
I suck in and prepare myself
For the familiar salty taste.
By now, my thighs tingling
The water cuts like glass
A naked man passes to my left
A daily ritual, the sea his mass.
Courage built, I dunk my head
Tickled by seaweed
My eyes are stinging, nose is stuffed
But oh! My soul is freed!
Lighter, brighter, colder,
I’m totally destressed
Smug, I leave the water
It’s time to get re-dressed
The smile, wiped a little
Damn! I forgot my pants!
I wrap in my damp towel,
Begin the awkward dressing dance.
There’s banter in the shelter
Older women dress without shame
Body parts hanging loosely
It’s all part of the game
Jeans chaffing my salty skin,
I head straight for the chipper
Hardy swimmers nod with a smile
Damp kids in line bicker
Last stop is for a 99
I save the Flake for last
Soon to comfort of the couch
I’ll check tomorrow’s forecast…
Happiness is a summer swim,
In the green isle’s icy seas
Re-new, rejuvenate, awake
It will not fail to please!